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Karoliina and Meego band live playing Meego-Song

We had an opportunity to play live at Nokia Summer Party. I had earlier composed this song for our internal team building event, but then I went and asked from Eastway if we could fit our band to the schedule. So this is it, engineers from Meego playing live! It was fun. Jani Mikkonen made on-topic nice lyrics on it. It was fun for us! I hope you will enjoy it. I play the Nord Modular, Jani Mikkonen is singing and Peter Vajda is on bass. The rest of the band is myself on the last few weeks at my home studio, playing the tracks in the Logic Pro one by one. The final part has very many tracks and voices at one time, sad that it is hard to hear from this recording. We will put a proper hifi quality soundtrack later online separately.

Here is the vid. Enjoy the summer:

Meego Band Live on Vimeo:

Yes jou meegou!