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First atlantic crossing completed

We completed the first atlantic crossing in the N756DS (Diamond DA40) on Wednesday and arrived to Helsinki-Malmi. There will be a presentation about the trip in SIL-luokka Helsinki-Malmi later. I will let you know more about it when I know more details and have prepared the presentation. If you are a reporter in a newspaper or magazine and want to write a story about our not so ordinary adventure, feel free to contact me karoliina dot t dot salminen at gmail dot com.

We received the ferry flight training from Edward Carlson.

We want to do the trip again also, if you are looking for inexpensive ferrying from USA to Finlandm or to any other European country via Denmark/Opmas, I am glad to inform that the Danish VAT will work still to next summer as followings: if you buy aircraft this year before the end of the year and complete all the agreements, according to Opmas, the plane can still benefit from the Danish VAT if it is ferried on the first half of 2010. We would be glad to help for free (no ferry flight fee) at the price of the expenses (gasoline, hotel (we choose cheapest options always), maintenance needed for the plane, airport fees). If you are interested in inexpensive ferry (or should I say delivery) flight, please contact me to the abovementioned address. You can not fly the North Atlantic for first time by yourself, but you need someone that has flown it before to get insurance (which is mandatory for the flight). We have now flown it once and are willing to help people who haven’t flown it yet and/or who do not want to fly it by themselves. The summer time is the best time for ferrying an aircraft because of weather. We will spend our summer vacation for flying your plane for free, you can not get better deal from anybody. We agree to fly the following aircraft make and models: Diamond DA40-180/G1000, Diamond DA40XL/G1000, Diamond DA40-CS/G1000, Diamond DA40-180/Avidyne, Cirrus SR20/Avidyne, Cirrus SR22/Avidyne, Cirrus SR22/Garmin Perspective or Diamond or Cirrus with any other comparable glass cockpit avionics – this list is based on our prior flying experience – we have flown Diamonds and Cirruses before. We can consider also other aircraft, but that will rise the expenses a bit since we need to get checked out to these prior flying the trip. I could estimate that most familiar of those would be Columbia 350, Columbia 400, Cessna 350 Corvalis, Cessna 400 Corvalis and these we would be glad to fly providing that we would get proper check-out before starting the trip to feel comfortable enough flying the plane in not so ideal conditions. We may not agree to fly steam-gauge IFR planes and surely will not agree to fly VFR-only equipped planes. Also we will not fly C172, because that is not suitable for the trip. We are not interested in taking unnecessary risks, we want to deliver.