Hello. My name is Karoliina Salminen. I seem to qualify to the following categories: engineer, aviator, adventurer, hobbyist musician and hobbyist film maker. From personality point of view I am very liberal but also quite stubborn. And I tend to do what I say.

This is my main web log where all my individual blogs get aggregated. This blog is not very focused, but rather concerns my life and all kinds of things from my point of view. I hope you find it interesting.

My individual blogs can be found from blogger currently:
karoliinamusic.blogspot.com – my music blog which contains only articles related to music
karoliinamaemoblog.blogspot.com – my maemo blog that is focused on Maemo, and it is separated from other blogs so that I don’t get thumbs down on planet.maemo for talking OT like things about my life (it seems that some readers aren’t interested at all, in fact, they are rather negatively interested).
designaplane.blogspot.com – aircraft design blog
lentokone.blogspot.com – aircraft reviews in Finnish language
n756ds.blogspot.com – Adventures of N756DS blog
karoliinamusic.blogspot.com – my music blog where I publish all the new music

You can read all these things through this karoliinasalminen.blogspot.com blog. If you are interested in only one of these topics (e.g. the music I compose), you can go to the individual blogs and read the postings that interest you from them.

If you are interested on my music further, you can also have a look at:


My iLike page can be found here. I upload my songs there too. You can use them in Facebook, dedicate to your friends and other cool stuff. If you are doing Facebook, then check me out from the iLike.


Here is my iLike Facebook page:


Karoliina Salminen

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