Thai Beef with garlic, oyster sauce, chili and bamboo shoots

Step 1. Prepare Marinade

Mix the followings in a bowl:
– 8 spoons of oyster sauce
– 4 teaspoons of corn flour
– 3 teaspoons of black pepper

Mix these throughly. If your oyster sauce is thin, then add more corn flour.
The one I use is very thick and not that more than this thickening agent is necessary.

Step 2. Beef Into Marinade + Precook

– Cut beef into small thin slices
– Mix marinade and beef and let the beef to soak the marinade for 15-20 minutes

After this, pre-cook the beef in microwave owen so that the slices are roughly “medium”.

Step 3. Oil
Mix the followings in a small cup:
– 8 spoons of sunflower oil
– 5 teaspoons of fresh crushed garlic
– 3 x small red chili cut into pieces, without the seeds (remove seeds). I used Rawit Chili which worked very well. 3 small red rawit chilis will make the food about medium hot. If you want very hot, add 2 more. Be careful because if your chilis are stronger than the ones I used, you will end up with way too hot food which no longer is tasty but just hot.

Cook the oil mix in the wok pan for a little while until the garlic has changed color from a light color to a slightly darker color. When this happens, pour the beef mix into the pan.
Continue cooking in the pan. Make sure you don’t burn the food.

Step 4. Vegetables
Prepare the followings in microwave owen:
– 500 g fresh champignons (common mushrooms). You can substitute with tin can of sliced mushrooms if you can’t obtain the fresh ones.
– 2 x 225..250g tin cans of bamboo shoots. Pour the water out before using. At least in Finland this is the only way the bamboo shoots are available. Fresh bamboo shoots may be better if you can obtain them.
– Add some basil (roughly same amount you would add oregano to a pizza)
– Add some soy sauce on top of the vegetables. This gives them moisture for microwave owen to operate properly and adds taste.
– Add up to 1 deciliter of water. If you add more, you will have too wet end result.

Mix these and cook in microwave owen until they have softened. Do not overcook.

Step 5. Mix vegetables to the beef to the pan

Mix the pre-cooked vegetables with the beef. Cook with moderate power. Be sure to not burn the food.

Step 6. Serve with either rice or noodles. 

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