Two My First MeeGo Conference Videos Online

I was shooting a lots of videos at the MeeGo conference with my HDSLR equipment and I managed to put the first ones online. I will upload more videos later, but I decided to get these published now that I have something in a timely manner shortly after the #meegoconf.

These first two do not feature any presentations or presenters, devices (like the Lenovo idea pad which I did not receive myself btw), they are just trying to illustrate the location and few attendants. The latter one has myself also for a short moment visible.

First one (not color corrected, no music, clips just joined together):
Raw footage from Aviva Stadium

Second one (color corrected, with music):
Aviva Stadium (with Music)

If you were there, I hope you like the imagery I captured and it will help keeping the first MeeGo Conference in your memories.

I may publish some of the videos later on Vimeo but because I am not plus member, I can’t upload there more than one video per week, therefore these first ones are coming via Youtube (worse quality), sorry about it.

  1. Wow, like both of them, the raw one is amazing for both audio and video quality.Great job.

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