Why I have cats

I have noticed that cat magazines are full of this and that family cats and their rewards in this and that competition. So for me it looks like some are having cats because they are sports gear custom designed for a competition. I feel differently – I have cats because it is the cat life long commitment to be their friend. For me our cats are our family members and not some tools of some competition.

When we got our youngest cat, a somali cat, it was sold with requirement of doing some offspring with the cat. However, maybe luckily, it was found out that the cat had a white spot in the fur. Nothing special, in fact it looks cute, but for the cat breeders it seemed to look most revolting error that the cat can have. Well I started wondering that “What are these people talking about?”. True love for a cat is unconditional love because the cat is my friend, not because it is perfect for some cat competition and perfect representation of the custom designed cat race and family.

So I am glad my little cat is out of the competition and cat production plant things and is just my committed friend. Every day waiting me to come home and every day talking to me, sleeping on top of me on the bed during nights (I fall asleep to the cat purring), and sharing life with me. They are my little children sort of.

So this is how this cat ended up on us and how he is my friend. Next I will write about how to raise a cat properly, and especially about what to not do. Many people do critical errors on raising a cat because they don’t understand them. You have to be able to talk with them and understand their talk and feelings and you both need to adore each other (you need to become a mother cat), then you can raise them properly. So stay tuned, more to come.

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