Vorlons vs. Shadows

Philosophy of today: You remember Babylon 5 series and Vorlons “who are you?” and Shadows “what do you want?”? I have been thinking and actually the shadows are actually more right. It does not matter who you are but what you do and what you don’t do. Vorlons were advocating for maintaining the status quo, but what actually is needed is a continuos ever accelerating invention of new. That is not status quo or improving the status quo but that is what another article referred as “disruptive technology” – i.e. technology that comes from nowhere and does not fit to the market but totally disrupts the market, reinvents what people need and want and gives them what they did not know they want.

So how this applies to e.g. Microsoft article that was mentioned in my Facebook: Praising the importance of some old technology that has been around and everybody has used for long long time is the Vorlon thinking “status quo”. Has been like this and will be like this forever. However, this is not how it works out. It is instead “What do you want?”. So “Who are you?” “What do you want?”. The truth is out there.

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