The Future – How do we get there?

I remember when I was a child, I was thinking what the future might bring and that year 2010 we would have this and that. It was based on think that because it is 2010, we will have this and that. I was kind of naive thinking that it will be made for me, someone will invent it for me and I will just enjoy the ride – like television, you just watch what the broadcast networks broadcast to you.
But what kind of ride that would be if you weren’t in the controls? So start driving by yourself.

I have been thinking this a lot. So later I realized that it does not work like that. Future is not something that is given. It does not come by itself. What we predict for the future today will not happen if somebody does not do those things. You see we don’t have all the wonders of science fiction of the past predicted at hand now except for the very fancy telephones – in fact much nicer superphones than even Star Trek ever predicted. But that is only one thing. We can have so much more and we need to have much more than this.

So who is this somebody who will fabricate the future? Some special person that will do all the work for you? No. That special person don’t exist. You and me are responsible of fabricating the future.

So if you think that year 2020 we will have this and that, because it is already 2020, stop. Think again. It will only happen if you do it. We all are fabricators of the reality and the future. Every little thing matters. You might think “this has been always done like this and I am required to do it like this”. Stop this and think how you could do it better or how you could invent something that gets it done for you. Think out of the box and do not think that you can’t make it because it is impossible. Nothing is impossible. You can do it if you want. One step at a time and you will get results. Try to make a change.

Every little drop forms an ocean and this is the only way to make dreams come true. And what the dreams are? These form new drops in the ocean which grows on each cycle bigger and bigger. And this is how breakthroughs happen. And these are very important for the future of you and me and the human kind.

So on next Monday when you go to work. Think how you could improve things. Tell what you would like to be done better. And do it yourself. Continue one task at a time until it is done. You can do it. I can do it. We can all do it. And the revolution begins. The future will happen because you created it, we created it. It is not given, but achieved. We all are the instruments of the future, we fabricate it.

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