European, Stuck in San Francisco due to volcanic ash clouds?

Here is what useful you can do while waiting:
1st task: if you are located in downtown San Francisco in a boring hotel without a car, move yourself away from there at once. You need a car and more central place to for seeing interesting things. We prefer usually Palo Alto as the central location. Car you can get from Hertz if you don’t have already one. Prices are great e.g. in Palo Alto city center, much better than on airport.
Other places to see in San Francisco Bay Area:
– Hiller Aviation Museum, San Carlos
– The hills between Silicon Valley and Half Moon Bay. Find a way first to Skylonda, then follow Skyline boulevard to south. There is for example nice place to see called Russian Ridge. Go to the parking lot and then walk maybe a kilometer or two on trail and the view is magnificent. You can see Silicon Valley and San Francisco at the same time. Take camera with you.
– Half Moon Bay: Pacific Ocean seashore. There is a nice beach there. Take swimming gear with you. At this time of the year the water is pretty cool, but by Finnish standards, it is humanly possible to go swimming.
– Mountain View – Palo Alto sector: the best Sushi and Indian restaurants I have ever visited.
– Fry’s Electronics in Stanford: If you are missing any gadget, cable, card or anything that you would look from in Finland, you can find it from Fry’s electronics.
– Apple Store (one is in Stanford shopping center): If you want a good deal for a Macbook or Macbook Pro or perhaps iPad (that you will be able to carry back), that is a place. Also software for Mac. And bonus: You will get Nokia discount there too, not only in Humac store and Mac People Store in Finland. Take Nokia card with you, otherwise you don’t get the discount.
– Palo Alto airport: one of the most active general aviation airports in the world. If you want to see bay area from the air, you can go to West Valley Flying Club and ask for demo flight and specify that you want it to be the Bay Tour. Recommended aircraft: try one of these: Cirrus SR20, SR22, Diamond DA40. You can safely be in controls as a prospective student pilot with a flight instructor. You don’t need TSA approval or anything for the demo flight. You can also walk around there if you want to see all kinds of small airplanes, the airport is full of them.
– The woods/forest between Palo Alto and Half Moon Bay is pretty cool. There are roads through it and you can see very tall and very thick trees, there is nothing comparable in Finland, go there to see it by yourself.
– Of course you have to drive all the bridges.
– There are more hills on the other side of the bay too, these you can also explore if you have time, these are between Oakland and Livermore.

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