Austin’s jet design website had looked a bit boring lately, Austin’s long and interesting changelogs are hidden deep under the menu structure, looks like a design of a web designer lately.

But luckily yesterday I realized that Austin had added a link on top of the page. Small link on top of the web designer blob and that goes directly into an interesting page. Now today there are two links (as there is 9.50 beta for X-plane available too), but this one was particularly interesting in the topic of this blog: The Laminar Research X-1 Cavallo is conceived

    • jim
    • February 24th, 2010

    Seems very similar to the proposed specs for the DJet and the Cirrus Vision. What's wrong with those?

  1. Yeah, looks quite identical to those. I would myself look rather a concept that does not exist before or is weakly represented, but of course, addition to the gap left by Eclipse, it might be okay to have third competitor there. However, I don't really believe in jets in their current form, like Austin says on his page: their engines are all optimized for different use case, for cruising fast and burning lots of fuel rather than optimizing for slower speed and achieving lower SFC.

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