St Louis to Pueblo, CO , Beauty and Beast

We kept Sunday just for resting with our friends, in Chrissi’s and Randi’s place. On Monday morning we checked weather and noticed that there is front with thunder storms moving across our route. We filed IFR plan to Salina (KSLN) via route 1H0 SNYDR V12 OJC V508 TOP V4 ZITIK KSLN but then we saw thunderstorms front of us and decided to land in Topeka (KTOP) to wait front pas us. We waited couple of hours in Topeka FBO weather briefing room and followed from Nexrad thunderstorms moving south east. After thunderstorms passed, we filed IFR plan to Hays (KHYS) via route
V4 SLN V508 KHYS. At beginning of route we needed to fly in rain but still in VMC.

We landed to Hays in perfect VMC conditions and sunny weather but there was big cumulonimbus growing nearby and it looked threatening. We decided togo on as
quickly as possible and now it was Karoliina’s turn to fly. We filed route to Pueblo via V244 but
soon we needed to ask defer from our course because there was really beauty monster, huge thundercloud from our right side. I have never seen same time s beauty but also so threatening thundercloud before. It did not cause a actual danger to us because is was easy to see and avoid. I just looked lightnings sriking from cloud to ground. There was other thunderstorm to go around that just passed Pueblo. We were able to land Pueblo without any problems.

In Pueblo, there was local FBO, Flower Aviation, they booked Hotel to us and arranged transport. We spend night in La Quinta inn after long and challenging flight day.

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