Second Day From Florida to St Louis

We had plan to leave Florida as early as possible to avoid bad weather but we were so tired because we did had so much lack of sleep during last few days.
We woke up in Jacksonville Ramada Inn 9 am and arrived with car to Sterling Flight in Craig Municipal airport ( KCRG ) 11 am. There was front of
bad weather arriving from north west. Kate needed to return our rental car to Jacksonville International Airport ( KJAX ) and Karoliina flew N756DS
there. Cloud ceiling was already low and there was moderate precipitation. Kate got rental car return point but there person in Rental car return did not know
how to get General Aviation terminal ( FBO ), she was completely unaware that such thing as general aviation even exists and could only say
that you need to go airliner terminal. Kate finally found FBO by walking and sweating half an hour in the hot Florida weather.

Karoliina arrived the same time
Sheltair FBO. We checked weather and noticed that we need to leave quickly to avoid getting worse weather. After take off from KJAX we were able to climb
to 2000ft . Soo Ceiling started to go lower and we ended to fly below clouds under 1000ft in uncontrolled Airspace over Florida swamps but still
safely within VFR minimums. After half of hour ceiling started to raise and we were in perfect weather for rest of this leg. We arrived safely to our
refueling stop Russel Rome airport ( KRMG ) near by Atlanta.

From KRMG our next leg was to St Louis, Missouri. Ceiling was high and we were able to cruise 4000ft . We used VFR Flight following for both legs
to get warnings about possible severe weather or traffic. That was a easy leg, just put flight plan to G1000 and autopilot on. Our target for
this leg was Creve Couer airport ( 1H0 ) . We arrived there about 9pm just around sunset. The airport is under complex St Louis Class B airspace.
The G1000 was very useful showing all airspace borders and altitude limits. VFR Flight following was also useful when arriving to unfamiliar
complex airspace.

Weather front is just arriving to St Louis

When we landed, Karoliina called our friends Chrissi and Randi, the Cozy Girrrls. They arrived soon with their minivan that had already back seat removed
for carrying things to Oshkosh. We get in to their van and let our Bird to rest for night. Chrissi and Randi are experimental aircraft builders and they
run their own small experimental aircraft parts business CG Products. They do really great work and perfect professional quality parts in
their workshop.

Good night to N756DS for good flight

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