>Tailed blended wing body with laminar flow body and Goldschmied suction and pressure thrust

>New idea:
– A body that comprises of a laminar body and wing blended together
– There is a V-tail in a blended boom
– Rear of the center section has suction slot on top side
– The boom contains a electric fan that is used for suction and additional thrust
– There are two turbocharged Rotax 912UL engines in the wings which are hidden in blended pods that continue the airfoil shape of the wing without interruption
– Both engines turn additional turbochargers which drive generators which generate electricity for the rear fan of the aircraft

Items that need to be studied:
– does pressure thrust work with this kind of shape, or does it require axisymmetric body?
– compare the drag of minimum axisymmetric body with non-blended wings to a blended wing body which has larger cross sectional area, but potentially lower wetted area.
– wing incidence relative to the center section – center section has a lower aspect ratio than the wings and what it requires to achieve optimal lift distribution in this combined case
– the achievable gain from the lack of interference drag or very small interference drag
– optimal wing loading for a combined blended wing body compared to a pod+boom+wings solution
– shark fin shape on the outer wing sections, the gain and the issues

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