>Gforge site for open source aircraft projects

>Our gforge site can host in addition to software projects, also now open source aircraft projects. If you are interested in open source aircraft idea, feel free to join the forces at:


I have setted up two my open source airplane projects there (they don’t have much yet, but one has to start from somewhere, right?). So if you are interested in joining one of these existing projects, or you have a promising own project which you would like to share with other people, here is your chance. Register yourself and propose a project. I am the admin and approving you and your project proposals.

The motivation to join could be to get some fame. In the software field, open source developers are at the top of the ranking scale. This could be the case in the other fields too. You can make sure that you don’t miss the train by joining and contributing to projects or by creating and sharing your own projects with everybody. Also here is your chance to collaborate and get results. Getting things done with large number of eyes looking after the same thing is more likely than everybody doing their things alone.

The site requires approval from site admins, so please make sure you describe your project in enough detail to get it approved. We do approve potential projects.

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