ZyggerDesigner gforge project (svn repository) is now up

Kate setted up gforge on our server, so I decided to put my conceptual design tool to a subversion repository. You can find it here:


Contributions to the software is very welcome. You can register to the Katix gforge and join the project if you think you can contribute. I am looking for aeronautical engineers and students to help with the software development. There may be some equations which have errors. You can help with pointing them out. The bug tracker should be used for that purpose.

Also some extra eyes reviewing the code (it is currently quite quickly hacked together) would be helpful, if you are not specialized in aircraft conceptual design, but you are good with C++ and Qt and you have too much time, feel free to join and start filing bugs about bad code. If you have even more time, feel free to write and suggest patches that fixes the issues. I am not looking for comments about indentation (if I see that kind of bugs too often, I will resolve them as invalid) etc., but rather memory leaks, something done really wrong with Qt – real issues in other words.

The code is licensed under GPL version 3 or any later version -license.

Anonymous svn access to the repository (without commit privileges):

svn checkout http://katix.org/svn/zdesigner/trunk zdesigner

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