First attempt on airfoil design

I created these:


X-foil is predicting for KaroliinaNLF1016F-5 (-5 degrees cruise flap for low altitude) exactly what I was looking for. The KaroliinaNLF1016 is decambered and a bit thickened (16%) version of NASA NLF1015. According to quick analysis, laminar bucket has same shape as NLF1015 has, L/D and minimum Cd is the same, but it has been lowered to a bit lower Cl and also the useful Cl is a bit lower than on NLF1015. However, this way, the unacceptable cruise performance at low altitude theoretically gets acceptable. I need to experiment more and try out with different Re numbers. I was testing at only Re = 1000000 since that is where I was targeting the high altitude cruise. However, the Re is a lot higher at low altitude, gets easily to 5000000, so I will need to try more analysis on the airfoil tomorrow.

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