Hybrid aircraft

The idea of the system comprises of a turbo generator per engine and an additional electric motor behind the tail.

Two gasoline engines, one per wing.
One Brushless DC electric motor, behind the tail, engine size around 15 kW. Does not require any drive shaft because the motor itself is so small and lightweight, that it can be attacted directly to the tail.
Battery that can deliver full power to the electric motor for 3 minutes.
Motor controller for each electric motor.

Possible additions:
Two wing tip turbines, one per each wing tip. Electric motor size ~5 kW.
These can produce power on cruise for the middle pusher motor.

The center pusher motor could drive a unducted fan which would have diameter around 1/3 of the diameter of the fuselage body. See NASA tech paper wake propeller, why. The fan would require adjustable pitch for each blade, so it could be changed from climb condition to cruise condition for the cruise phase (otherwise it would cause drag penalty).

Additional idea:
– the wing tip turbines could be used in case of engine failure for thrust vectoring – one small wing tip engine producing thrust could make the asymmetric thrust condition symmetric without causing drag penalty with deflected rudder.

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