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I am back, with a blog on another service. I attended the Akademy 2008 and Maemo Summit 2008 conferences. I have created a video of both of them. These are no presentation videos but rather attempt to record the spirit of the time and place to a collection of video clips which are presented in a sequence on these short movies. Both conferences were quite interesting and a success. It was great to meet new people, especially on the Akademy conference, I have been participating many years in the Guadec conferences, but this was my first Akademy.

Here is the Akademy video. Nokia gave devices for KDE developers and I have quite many faces who received one on the video. Have a look if you are interested:
Akademy 2008 KDE conference – Nokia gave out N810 devices for free from Karoliina Salminen on Vimeo.

Kate Alhola had linked to my Maemo summit video on her earlier post. Because of technical issue on her blog software, she embedded the Youtube link. The Youtube offers poor quality, especially the audio quality is severely degraded since Youtube only supports mono sound. Here is the same video in 720p HD quality and stereo in the Vimeo-service (by the way it is the best video service I have found to the date):
Maemo Summit 2008 from Karoliina Salminen on Vimeo.

If you go to the vimeo page, you can watch these videos in 720p HD when you click the full screen button.

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