>A configuration idea for a canard aircraft

>Canard configuration is usually quite problematic and it has several compromises which decrease the benefits that could be otherwise obtained from the configuration. However, there is one advantage on canard configuration which is better than traditional configuration: stall and spin resistance. If the major design goal is stall and spin resistance, the penalties from the canard configuration can be assumed acceptable. After all very many aircraft accidents are caused by stall/spin.

So how to do a twin engine propeller canard so that the engine pods can be utilized also to other use?

So the idea goes:
1. take a look at Burt Rutan’s Proteus.
2. see the booms for the horizontal stabilizers.
3. Instead of placing jet engines to the fuselage, why not put tractor propellers to the front of the booms.
3. The CG on canard aircraft is between the two wings, the long fuselage solves the problem where to place the fuel in
a canard AC, it can be stored between the wings inside the fuselage.

Any comments/arguments why this would not be a good idea in your opinion?

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