>Some calculations for plane which would utilize two HKS 700 turbos

>I was flying today (as a passanger) to Brussels and I wasn’t doing nothing, I had paper, pen and the HP calculator with me. And of course J.D. Anderson’s Aircraft performance & design as a reference.

So I ended up with some numbers, but I know already that they are a bit off – since I calculated AR the other way around and got with the K and e I used AR = 10 even if I had chosen that the AR = 14. Therefore the climb performance may be even quite pessimistic. Besides of that I was reading yet another aerodynamics book which stated that e is as high as 0.9 for clean airplane.

However, numbers are: Trimaran configuration, 2 x HKS 700 turbo, 2 places, fuel 200 liters, S = 99 ft^2, MTOW 1980 lbs (maybe 900 kg would still be within limits, haven’t checked), AR = 14. Slotted flaps and flapped ailerons. Taper 0.5. Low drag laminar airfoil and 60% laminar fuselage shape and the plane will be quite fast. RG is assumed, gear stored in the pusher prop engine pods.

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