Pilot Performed Preventative Maintenance in FAA system

FAA system allows pilot maintenance more than EASA/JAA-system.

Here is a list the pilot can do a type certificated aircraft:
– Remove, install and repair tires
– Clean, grease or replace wheel bearings
– Replace defective safety wire or cotter pins
– Lubrication not requiring disassembly other than removal of non-structural items such as access covers, cowlings or fairings
– Replenish hydraulic fluid in the hydraulic and brake reservoirs
– Refinish the airplane interior or exterior (excluding balanced control surfaces) with protective coatings
– Repair interior upholstery and furnishing
– Replace side windows
– Replace bulbs, reflectors and lenses of position and landing lights
– Replace cowling not requiring removal of the propeller
– Replace, clean or set spark plug gap clearance
– Replace any hose connection, except hydraulic connections, with replacement hoses
– Clean or replace fuel and oil strainers, as well as replace or clean filter elements
– Replace prefabricated fuel lines
– Replace the battery and check fluid level and specific gravity

After any of the above work is accomplished, appropriate logbook entries must be made.

Means that pretty much 50 hours maintenance can be made by the pilot, using a mechanic is not necessary. Mechanic is needed for annual.

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